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Every Day our wonderful patients give us a kind word about their care, our staff or how good their feet feel after having completed their treatment. This page is dedicated to capturing some of those special moments, or "Blessings" to us, to share with those of you visiting our site


  • Thank you, Dr Beede and Staff for your friendliness and concern sown to me and David during my ecent surgery. The professionalism was not so strict and stiff that we were made to feel uncomfortable while in your office. We looked forward to each visit and was always greeted witha smile. You were the 3rd Doctor that i got an exam concerning the surgery on my Bunions. Iam so thankful I found you through a viit with my grandson, Caden. When I met you and your staff, I knew I was inthe right Place I made thright choice because my surgery was a complete success. I am able to walk without pain in my feet for the first time n years. Thank you for your concern and the determination to do the est surgery possible.   C.R


  •   Dr Beede is an Excellent Surgeon and I would recommend him to anyone!    I appreciate his kind and thoughtful approach. Take comfort in his experience and reputation. His office staff is awesome! They always made me feel important and comfortable.   B.Y.


  • Dr Beede and staff - I want to thanks you for fixing my foot. You gave me my life back!I had been suffering for 3 months. I can never thank you enough. I look so forward to getting back to my life. You are all in my Prayers!! J.W.


  • After 7 Years of Foot Pain I had forgotten what a Pain-Free day was like. Dr Beede Was able to Quickly Diagnose and correct my problem, and now all of my days are Pain-Free! Thank you So much!!  T.G


  • I received the Utmost quality can professional Care. After a little over a year of treatments I chose to have an outpatient surgery. I was afraid, but my recovery was so expedient and painless. I give all praise to god and thanks to Dr Beede and Staff!!  L.M


  • Until my feet started hurting I had taken them for granted. I did not fully appreciate my feet until I had surgery and I was no longer in pain. Thank you Dr Beede, your wonderful staff and the surgery center. I would do it again in a heartbeat!!  B.S.


  • After I was told I would be in a wheel chair the rest of my life, Dr Beede said if I was his Mother he would take her to get a second opinion. Dr Beede sent me to a neurologist. She found a 2.5 inch tumor on my spinal cord that was removed by another Dr.   Thanks to you Dr Beede, I am now walking. (and I wasn't even his patient at the time!)  M.K


  • I came into Dr Beede's office with what I thought was an ingrown toenail. He noticed right off that something was not normal and did a doppler on my feet. In doing this he found no pulse. He referred me to a specialist and sure enough I ended up having a bypass. Thank you for saving my Life! :)  S.F


  • There is so much that I am Blessed for with Dr Beede and Staff. I know for a fact that I would be nowhere I am today. I have come a long way and I know it is not over. Dr Beede, Thank you for everything that you have done and that is to come.  Love you all Bunches!!  M.C.


  • How lucky I am to have such an outstanding doctor as Dr Glen Beede. Being a Diabetic, foot care is essential. I have been his patient since he first opened his practice.  Thank you for your wonderful staff. All of you have been "My Special Blessing".  B.C


  • Of all the doctors' offices I have visited over the past several years, I must say this is my Favorite. The staff is always very pleasant and helpful, including, of course, Dr Beede. My husband and I spend the winters in Arizona. I don't look forward to going since I have to visit a podiatrist out there to receive the continuing care my feet require. He is O.K. but he is not Dr Beede. The staff does not compare to y'all here in this office.  Thanks to all of you for the great service I have received over the past years. I am already looking forward to returning next spring for the great care and compassion you give your patients.   M.S.


  • As a patient since the mid 90's we have seen your practice grow and evolve into a state of the art facility. We have referred many friends and family to you. Never once have we had a complaint. You and your Staff are always upbeat and on top of any of our needs. We look forward to your Smiling face each visit. We love the personal touch. We are not a number in this office, we are a human.  J.H.


  • I had a wonderful experience with Dr Beede and his staff. The Surgery Center was wonderful. My nurses that cared for me were great. I recommend Dr Beede to all my Friends. S.A.


  • I take chemotherapy medication that causes severe calluses on my feet. Dr Beede removes the calluses every 6 weeks and I can walk normal and be an active participant in life again. He also did surgery on my left foot to remove a growth at the joint. You can hardly see the scar. This is a great Doc and his staff is exceptional. Thanks for caring and for the professional services you provide.  J. B


  • The first time I came to your office you had a plaque that read "No one cares how much you know till they know how much you care." How Perfect! You have shown how much you care each time I need your services. Even when I called you on the week-end and I thanked you - you thanked me for calling you. The care you give leaves no question for the knowledge you have and how much you care.    Thank you so much!  T. H

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